About LLAT (Let’s Learn a Thing):

Let’s Learn a Thing, is an educational project that is looking to bring an applicational perspective to topics, with tips and thoughts about connecting a subject to your life.

With upcoming videos and written posts about various topic’s interworkings and insights, the end result is an accessible and educational look at a topic with a fun watch or read, and a few things you can use in your own life. It’s not learning in a vacuum — it’s learning with a purpose!

Here’s our motto: Education. Motivation. Creation.

About the creator:

Nicole Hall is a Berkshire, MA based creator who has worked in the educational field as a teacher in the public school system and previously as a naturalist for Mass Audubon. She currently is a logistics technician when she’s not writing or drawing. As the host of the women-centered motivational group Goal Gals 2019-20, she posts content weekly that revolves around finding ways to learn from business, art, and science-based content by creating short-form writing around the found actionable takeaways from each article of the week and hosts group discussions about applying those takeaways (and memes; there are plenty of memes too).

Other groups that she is a member of (and is a big fan of supporting) include the LSA (Linguistic Society of America) and the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science). As Bill Nye would say, ‘Science Rules!’.

To learn more or send her a note, you can contact her at:

Email: letslearnathing@gmail.com

Twitter: @ComicVertigo

Instagram: @ComicVertigo

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