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What does it mean to be Productive in the time of COVID?

Worth should not be measured by the numerical value of things crossed off a to-do list (at any time), but in light of the current situation, it feels like extra care should be taken to reflect upon this.

If one is able to just come out of this global pandemic functioning, then that should be rewarded just as well as those who do manage to tally up a few extra things they added and checked off their list.

Working hard is one thing, and kudos for those who try to go the extra mile (either once or often!), but working hard is also done differently across many levels of access to resources. Hard work seems to not equally match up to a 1:1 situation, but the nuances per case can help make that effort more recognized to the individual. We’re not working to impress others (I certainly hope!) but to try and be just a little bit better version of our selves every day; however, you yourself interpret that to be. 

It’s ok if you planned a project and you haven’t gotten to yet. It’s ok if you didn’t plan a project and made one anyways. 

When this is over, and we’re looking back, no one set standard should be held as the finish line for how we handled COVID. While we’re all truly in this together, let’s not lose sight that while we’re all running in the same direction, we’re also each running a separate race. 

Run at your own pace at your own time. Be kind to yourself and others as best you can. Try to be the good you wish to see in the world. 

Since there have been a few quotes floating around my head, I hope this one in particular, from a very wise woman, will bring anyone reading this the same solace I have found:

“Kindness [to yourself and others] Matters.” – My Mom

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